Near Death Experience – How Would It Change You? – Part One

I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did, this is part one of an interview with Julian McCrea. Julian is working on a project that involves a new VR (Virtual Reality) Series called ‘Flatline’ – where the audience experience having a near-death experience, go to the Other Side and come back, irreversibly changed.  […]

Focus and Concentration in Astral Projection

Mohammed Alamasy and I (Ali Wylie) get together every Saturday to chat about astral projection and related areas we record the conversations to share our ideas with the world. Hope you enjoy our discussion on focus and concentration, if you would like some exercises to do to improve these skills I have an article on […]

Ali and Mohammed on Astral Projection Part 2 – Introduction

Middle East meets Europe crossing the borders with astral projection. Mohammed Alamasy and I, Ali Wylie, have started a new venture together, a weekly chat about various aspects of astral projection. This is part two of our first conversation. Mohammed also has the video version up on his you tube channel, you’ll find it at: […]