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Lucid Dream to Astral

Sometimes it’s just too easy to forget our night time escapades, we wake up and immediately tune in yo our busy days, it can really make a difference to memory recall if we spend some time just chilling before we start our day.

Reaching the Mind Awake Body Asleep State

In this episode I describe 3 techniques I have used successfully in order to reach the mind awake body asleep state, from this state you can then go on to have an out-of-body experience, it is sometimes known as Sleep Paralysis but I don’t like this term as it has negative connotations of being powerless.


Why Astral Project

Hello all, here’s the latest episode where I talk about reasons for astral projecting and practising conscious out-of-body experiences.

As mentioned in the epsiode the link to Narcoleap trailer is:  https://youtu.be/cNMhhQWwwY0

Also clink the following link for more information for the IAC OBE course in London in April


Would a Near Death Experience Change You? – Part Two

This is Part Two of my interview with Julian McCrea. Julian is working on a project that involves a new VR (Virtual Reality) Series called ‘Flatline’ – where the audience experience having a near-death experience, go to the Other Side and come back, irreversibly changed.  “It made me think about life” “This is very moving and […]