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A False Awakening


This podcast episode describes a false awakening and several ‘outings’ I love it when you have more multiple outings in one night.




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Our First Out-of-Body Experience

This is the first part of a meet up with Michael Angel in Australia and Youri Zaritski in Malaysia, Michael has a facebook book called Michael Angel Truth Seeker and his website is michaelangeltruthseeker.com.
Youri’s facebook group is called Lucidity 4 All and website is lucidity4all.com the 4 is a number not a letter.
In this first part we talk about our first out-of-body experience, I hope you enjoy it!

What are these Crazy Experiences?

Here’s an interesting account taken from spiritualjourneyofthesoul.wordpress.com  with kind permission of the author. It highlights some of the difficulties we sometimes have when we start having out-of-body experiences.  The author of the post has also written a book called ‘Foal and the Angels’, based on out-of-body experiences. you can find it on Amazon.

A Few Astral Adventures

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