OBE Research with Andrew Hodrien (Part 1)

There is a great need for more research into out-of-body experiences so it is with great pleasure that I present part one of an interview with Andrew Hodrien, of Nottingham Trent University, who is currently doing research in this area. He has compiled an online survey and needs as many participants as possible, so if […]

Spiritual Longing – a bridge to the beyond

Astral projection is a way to connect more directly to your higher self, some of the beings I have met in the astral are so wise just to be in their presence is enough, all my questions seem to dissolve and it’s just fine to simply ‘be’ with them. It was this strong desire to […]

Robert Bruce Interviews Ali Wylie – Part 1

Hello All! This is an interview I did a while back I’m never very good at talking about myself but while I was sorting out my computer the other day I came across this interview and decided to share it with the world. This is part one where I talk about how astral projection started […]

What are these Crazy Experiences?

Here’s an interesting account taken from spiritualjourneyofthesoul.wordpress.com  with kind permission of the author. It highlights some of the difficulties we sometimes have when we start having out-of-body experiences.  The author of the post has also written a book called ‘Foal and the Angels’, based on out-of-body experiences. you can find it on Amazon.

Astral Projection from a Dream

Text Version We all dream, we don’t always remember but we do. We can train ourselves to remember more dreams and train ourselves to be more present in our dreams. Being more present in dreams can also lead to out-of-body experiences from the dreaming state. On a Sunday morning because I can sleep longer I […]

Astral Projection Basics (1)

This is the first in a mini-series of Astral Projection Basics. A series of 5 podcast episodes that explain some of the basics of astral projection.  If you are considering learning how to astral project listen to this podcast episode. You’ll learn some of the reasons why astral projection when done properly is good for […]

The Astral Plane and Astral Vision

Welcome to this new episode of the Astral Projection Podcast. Here we are going a have a quick look at the astral plane and how vision is different here than in the physical. Our sponsor this week is www.keenonyou.com   Keen On You is dedicated to providing information and tools for singles dating (single women and […]

A Mind Technique – Go Deeper into Who You Are

This week’s podcast episode is sponsored by: www.vitalityforgamers.com   Meet Lionel Thomas of ‘Vitality for Gamers’, check out his book on Amazon.          “Our goal is to give computer gamers increased reflexes, endurance and longevity for better gaming. In essence creating a healthier gamer lifestyle and changing the gamer stereotype. “Find out what is […]