4 thoughts on “Consistency in Astral Projection

  1. I am trying got close i think was almost lifti g out im sure but tjen fell asleep will keep tryin any ideas or tips i tries the ladder way and kept mind on breathing am new to this but have been tryin i can lucid dream so im sure itll come

      1. After a few months of lucid dreaming this year, I eventually slipped into what I believe was an OBE.

        It began as strong vibrations while I was sleeping, which got me extremely nervous. But in this successful experience I was more relaxed, at ease. By the time the vibrations stopped, I was suddenly floating in my bedroom. I opened my “eyes” and I could see my room, but it was different. It was like it was washed in a dim haze and all I could hear were subtle jingles.

        I didn’t stay in it long enough to look back atmy body. Instead I was just unsettled by the lack of balance I had because I was just tumbling upwards without stopping.

        This was a month ago. November 2017. I have been practicing to get back there, and I seem to be on track. This is why I found your podcasts. To learn more.

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